About Teksid

The Group

Teksid is one of the largest auto parts foundry group in the world, with a production capacity of approximately 720,000 tons per year. The Group produces cast parts such as cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, discs and brake drums, steering knuckles, crankshafts, carriers and components for automobiles and industrial vehicles.

With expertise in casting and machining of iron and aluminum castings, the group has manufacturing locations in Portugal, Poland, Brazil, Mexico, Italy and China and a commercial office in the United States.


History / Timeline

Teksid Group established in Italy.

Teksid do Brasil is founded.

Teksid do Brasil becomes the first foundry in the world to obtain TS 16949:2002 certification.

Teksid Group returns to the aluminum business in Italy and Brasil.

Teksid is leader in the production of engine blocks for cars and light commercial vehicles, holding about 70% of market share.